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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bob for Sale at Starbucks

If you haven't heard by now, Bobby D is selling a recording of his 1962 Gaslight Cafe gig at mega-coffee retailer Starbucks.

Apparently there's been a lot of complaint that Dylan is once again "selling out"--this refrain started in 1965 and has never quite gone away.

Of course Dylan has always been exceptionally good at creating these backlashes--it seems part of the psychology of his fandom to feel rejected by him (e.g., the fanzine titled Judas!).

It puts me in the mind of a Graham Parker line: "It's a strange religion without any God!"

But this latest refrain of apocalyptic handwringing ("how can he sell us out again?!") seems a bit forced. I doubt if the SUV moms will care much for the nasal protest of the Cuban Missile era. It's just not soothing in the manner Ray Charles, Alanis or other artists hawked by Starbucks.

I have a suspicion that more people have referred to Dylan than listened to him. The success, or lack thereof, of his Starbucks, er, Gaslight gig, will indicate how relevant he actually is.

But in some ideal world, past the gates of eden beyond the reach of Starbucks and stripmalls, SUV mothers, age, decay and death, our hero/anti-hero Dylan remains in the Gaslight in 1962, young, plucky, earnest and untempted.

Because let's face it, friends: his story after that pretty much is Starbucks.


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