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Friday, July 08, 2005

Austin Texas Music City USA

I've been in Austin over the past couple days. I am recording with Tommy Spurlock at his home studio in Spicewood, TX--just a few ridges over from Willie Nelson's place. You can see Willie's windmill in the distance.

Tommy's place sits on top of a hill and the landscape is remotely like that of southern France (not that I've been there outside paintings, photos and the tour-de-France coverage)--except for a little more sandy.

I've had the good fortune of working with Garth Hudson of The Band, who is a wealth of information of various genres of music. We've discussed everything from harmonica virtuousos to 40s-50s r&b divas. Garth is one of those "national treasures" (even if he is canadian), with an encyclopedic knowledge of his discipline and a depth of understanding of the bigger issues of musical structure, theme, influence and performance. He should be an endowed professor somewhere sharing his knowledge and experience.

I've also gotten to work with Elana Fremerman who is on hiatus from the Bob Dylan Band and who formerly fronted Hot Club of Cowtown. Elana is a well-traveled and educated woman out of Kansas City who mixes a chanteuse's vocal charm with a talented violionist's uptown version of the Texas Swing.


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