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Saturday, July 02, 2005


Ah, Larry O'Donnell gleefully informs us, "It's Rove!"

Karl Rove, that is. The White House political- advisor-cum-deputy-chief-of-staff.

It's Rove allegedly who leaked the fact that that Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife Valerie Plame was a CIA operative.

Apparently O'Donnell's known for months, but didn't want to tell us lest he get hauled before the Grand Jury.

Where did you find out about it months ago, Larry? Or should I say, from whom? Maybe you're not in the clear after all. Don't jump if there's a knock on your door.

My chief concern about this story is Plame herself? How "undercover" was this woman if political bozos like Rove seemed to know about it? What was the nature of her hush-hush assignment? Had she infiltrated the UN to see who was bilking the oil-for-food program?

I know the U.S. prides itself on being a nation of laws. But lately our laws (like the one against revealing the C.I.A. agent's "undercover" status) seem short-sighted and ill-advised--breeding a police state mentality rather than the open exchange of information in a free society. I thought the C.I.A. was primarily an intelligence-gathering, not a law enforcement, agency.

I mean, if Robert Novak can find out you're undercover, you might as well hang it up. If the C.I.A. can't do a better job of keeping their agents undercover then maybe they need to go back to spy school.

At any rate, congratulations, Larry. But I hope you don't get any subpoenas.


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