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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Plame Game Round Two

Very interesting speculation about Judy Miller's refusal to testify to the Grand Jury looking into the Plame leak. There is an allegation that perhaps Miller herself was the source of the leak--or passed on to the White House the facts that Plame worked for the CIA and had been involved in sending her husband Joe Wilson to Niger to look for uranium cakes.

(I still maintain, how covert was Plame? Everybody seemed to know she was CIA. Personally I wonder if Joe Wilson ratcheted this whole thing way out of proportion to pursue his own agenda. Is there a book in the offing? It beats a government pension.)

This may have been the real upshot of the supposed "leak" and makes the most sense politically. Rove sought to discredit Wilson's anti-WMD screed in the New York Times (Miller's paper) using grapevine info (perhaps originating from Miller, pissed at the NYT's printing of the Wilson op-ed piece that contradicted the pro-WMD slant of her coverage) that Wilson's CIA wife had gotten him the gig in the first place and might have had her own ax to grind re. CIA blame for not finding WMD's and 9-11, etc.

Boy, that's complicated. But it seems a little more like real life than the Saint Judith hagiography going on in the mainstream press.

Is this another case (like CBS' memogate) where the independent-minded bloggers once again have trumped the mainstream press whose kneejerk reactions are a pose of idealism hiding as a self-preservation?

The Grand Jury's deliberations are supposed to be secret. I suppose we'll have to wait and see--unless someone privy to the Grand Jury leaks . . . .


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